Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the size of the cubby?

A. The back panel is 23.5" wide x 21.5" tall

The side panels are 11.5" wide x 19" tall

The bottom parts of each panel fold out 2 inches to create a base to stand on.


Q. When does my order ship?

A. We try to ship orders within one business day of receiving them. Any variation will be the result of unforeseen circumstances.


Q. Where is the Remote Learning Cubby coming from?

A. We proudly manufacture and ship all of our orders in Michigan.


Q. Why are the Cubby prices different?

A. The Remote Learning Cubby for 3rd - 6th Graders has a dry erase laminate which adds to the production cost and value of the Cubby.


Q. Why is the shipping so expensive?

A. Shipping rates are not included on the product to keep the cost of the product low. Shipping rates are determined by UPS, our preferred shipping provider. Please note: we do not add any additional fees or mark up shipping.


Q. Why doesn't my Cubby come with all of the stickers?

A. While often displayed together, most stickers are included separately in the Whiteboard & Sticker Bundle.


Q. Can the Whiteboard & Sticker Bundle be used with both Cubby's?

A. Yes.


Q. Can't I just make this at home?

A. Yes, we've heard many people say they made their own and we support any method that improves student learning at home.

Q. Is this is an actual School?

A. Unfortunately the Remote Learning Cubby is not a school, but an at-home learning resource.


Q. Can I order in bulk to gift these to my class?

A. Yes, please contact us with the specifics and we will coordinate a quote for discount pricing.